On this tour you will get your first taste of the beauty and majestic views, smells and vibe of Paris proper.

We will greet you just outside the Louvre then do a walking tour of the absolute “must see” and get you “in the know” of the following places:

  • The Opera Garnier
  • The Palais Royal
  • The River Seine ( we will walk along this historic and telling river ) to view such meaningful buildings as Conciergerie (where the Royal Power dwelled) and we can view the “petite” Statue of Liberty
  • The cathedral Notre-Dame (you will enter its spectacular interiors and truly witness a piece of France’s long history)
  • The Latin Quarter (on the Left Bank near the Notre-Dame)
  • The Sorbonne (University)
  • The Saint Germain district (jazz haven – think the Roaring 20’s France + the hangouts of the literary elite such as Satre)
  • The Luxembourg Garden (a transfixating garden)
  • The Orsay Museum
  • The Concorde Square
  • Then we will along the Champs D’ Elysee and enjoy the Truly French exquisite experience of lunch/tea at Laduree then we will walk to the Art Du Triomphe (Napolean’s Triumphant Arc)
  • We will then trek on to the Eiffel Tower to take glorious photos then onto Trocadero.

We will conclude at The Invalides where Napoleon is buried.  You may either enter this Monument and Museum and take your time exploring its historical wonders after our tour concludes or we will guide you to the location of your choice or can make a suggestion.